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When it comes to electrical emergencies, they can come in various forms and at any time. It is best not avoid these small problems with your electrical appliances or wiring since it can cause harm to you. Our electrician Doreen emergency service ensures that an electrician reaches your home within an hour’s time. The most obvious and frustrating electricial emergency is a power outage within your home or office. Imagine feeling the overwhelmingly hot summer winds inside your home because of a power outage. It is not the most pleasant feeling. This is when you give our team of licensed electricians a call and get your electrical systems repaired. Some electrical emergencies can also be dangerous, for instance, sparks or smoke coming from electrical devices, if overlooked can actually cause a fire. Problems such as these need to be fixed immediately, so call us at any time of the day and we’ll be there ASAP!

Services We Provide In Doreen

Whenever one of your electrical appliances stop working, you call an electrician and get it fixed. But have you ever thought of getting a team of expert electrician in Doreen for installation, repairs and maintenance services for your entire electrical system? You can either have a residential, commercial or industrial space, we provide the quality electrical solutions. Switchboards, safety switches, wiring, and whole-house security systems, whatever it is, we WILL fix it or install it, your wish. Melbourne Wide Electrical offers a range of services and some of the finest electricians in the business.

Along with emergency services, we provide a wide range of electrical services for your commercial and residential spaces. Our services include:

  • Wiring repairs and installation
  • Switchboard repairs and upgrades
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Powerpoint, internet and phone installation
  • Appliance, lighting and socket installation
  • Security camera, CCTV and alarm systems

And a lot more.

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Commercial & Domestic Electrician

Melbourne Wide Electrical has been in the business for over 20 years and is known for providing quality electricians in Doreen. Moreover, our services also extend to commercial and industrial properties. Providing quality lighting solutions and electrical services for all. You can rest assured that you’ll get a professional service from an experienced and certified electrician Doreen. The team can also conduct an inspection of your safety switches and switchboards to ensure that they are working fine and last longer.
We know how important maintaining your commercial space can be. Since you may be catering to your own set of customers, you will require your systems to be working perfectly. Once our team of electricians is appointed we will ensure that all your systems, wiring, and appliances are working perfectly. Our electrician will ensure that you don’t face any troubles with your electrical wiring or heating and cooling systems, at all. However, if you do face a major emergency such as a major short circuit, you can call us at any time. with 24/7 emergency service, you get access to our services when you need it most. From lighting upgrades to showcase your product, full shop fit-outs, three-phase factory power or ongoing service work, we do it all. Any time you are faced with problems with any electrical appliance or even your internet connections, simply call our team.

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