Smoke Detectors

There is a reason why we say don’t play with fire. It can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening. Smoke detectors or alarms are a necessary part of any Australian home. You are required to have a smoke detector installed in your home by law. It is the best way to avoid any major threats to your own life and ensure your safety as well as that of your family. Along with installing your smoke alarms, it is important to keep it clean and functioning well at all times. It is the only thing keeping you out of harm’s way, so always better to ensure that it is working fine. Get in touch with the team at Melbourne Wide Electrical and get your smoke detectors fixed today! We also provide a wide range of electrical appliances services such as antenna installations, security cameras, switchboard.

Minimum Requirements For Smoke Alarms

As of August 1997, all houses, townhouses, units, and flats need to have a 240-volt smoke alarm that is powered by the main power supply, along with a backup battery. Additionally, it is recommended that you change your smoke alarms every 10 years. Melbourne Wide Electrical can help you install and maintain your smoke detectors. Whether it is a residential or commercial space, we can easily handle any job. Just get in touch with our team of expert electricians and let us know why you need us. We will be there at your location ASAP!

Different Smoke Detectors To Choose From

There are a few different kinds of smoke detectors available in the market. However, the two most reliable ones are the photoelectric alarms and ionisation alarms. Photoelectric alarms have the ability to detect fire through dust or visible particles that can be caused by smouldering fires. They are highly reliable and are less likely to cause false alarms. Ionisation alarms, on the other hand, can usually detect particles of smoke through fast flaming fires which is what makes it slightly less popular. As compared to the photoelectric alarm, these ones are slower; and slow smoke alarms can cause a lot of damage to the house and you.

Don't Let The Fire Get To You

Melbourne Wide Electrical has a team of highly qualified and skilled electricians. We have several years of experience under our sleeves and know exactly what we’re doing. Our team understands the importance of a smoke detector in your home and office space. We can help with installing a new one or offer maintenance services to ensure the system is working just fine. Call us today!