LED Lighting Upgrades

There are several advantages of having LED lighting upgrades for your commercial or industrial property. Go for this energy-efficient for your business and light up your place without it being too expensive. Melbourne Wide Electrical is here to provide you with the best lighting solutions in Melbourne. We have a team of dedicated workers who are focused on providing the finest services to you. Whether it is a stylized deck, street lights or factory lighting, we have the LED lights ready for you.

Advantages of Upgrading To LED Lights

LEDs take the best assets from incandescents, halogens, CFLs and fluorescent lighting and combines them. Hence, there are a lot of advantages of installing n LED light eve in your homes.

Energy Efficient

They are extremely energy efficient and can convert up to 70% of their energy into light. They are definitely more efficient than bulbs because instead of creating more heat, they give out more light. As compared to their older counterparts, LEDs are safer and are not considered fire hazards.

Brightness and Safety

LEDs are now a preferred option for street lighting because of the fact that it is quite bright. Their brightness level makes it easier to navigate and safer on the streets.


The fact that LEDs are extremely energy efficient and create less heat makes them more durable. Normal light bulbs would fuse much quicker due to the deterioration of the ‘filament’ in the bulb. However, LEDs don’t have filaments, instead, they eventually fade out because of “lumen depreciation.”

Directional Lighting

Unlike other lighting options, LEDs throw their light in a single focused direction instead of a wash of light that disperses everywhere. This makes it the perfect lighting for task lighting and factory lighting.

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LED Lighting Upgrades For Domestic Spaces

You may think that LEDs are best suited for outdoors and bigger properties but you are highly mistaken. Get an LED lighting upgrades for your home; either for your balcony, terrace or even your living room. LED is a great lighting option to have for your home and gives a room a slightly modern edge to it. Moreover, with LEDs you have the option of choosing colours; you can also get an installation that allows you to change the colour of the light according to your mood. Take a chance with Melbourne Wide Electrical, we are here to provide interesting and efficient lighting solutions for you.

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Go For The Energy Efficient Option

Melbourne Wide Electrical has been urging customers to take up sustainable and energy-efficient options when selecting electrical appliances or lighting options. We believe in making our own little contributions to the environment and in the process save you some money too. Our team consists of professional electricians who have several years of experience in the industry. They are aware of all the standard rules and regulations and follow a strict code of conduct. We also ensure that we are always prepared for any job, for instance, if we need to replace apart at the last moment, we can do it there and then; we don’t believe in going back and forth looking for parts and wasting your time in the process. So, for electrician services that are energy efficient and professional, call us! We also provide a wide range of electrical appliances services such as wiring, powerpoing, smoke detectors.