Home Theatre Installations

Melbourne Wide Electrical is one of the leading electrical services company that provides best of the breed home theatre installations across Melbourne

Home Theatre sounds fancy and comfortable but before you decide to set up one at your home, you will need to know the how, what and where in your house. This must have got you thinking “should I need an expert assistance in knowing what is suitable for my house?” Well, that’s what Melbourne Wide Electrical here for. Our technicians assess your house or apartment and come up with the best location and solution that will just fit right for you needs.

Call us up for consultation before you decide on arranging home theatre.

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Home Theatrical Experience

Are you tired of travelling to theatres? You want to enjoy the experience sitting at home? Never mind! We can do that for you. We can render your home with sophisticated home theatre solutions. We carefully analyze, understand and measure the size of the room to facilitate our customers with the ultimate home theatre installations. Just get in touch with the experts to hlp you get the best theatrical experience in the comfot of your home.

We consider all the necessary aspects and parameters required to install a suitable home theatre for you. We also keep in mind that the lighting and sound must be in control within optimum limits. One call to us and we’ll ensure that even a simple ‘Netflix and chill’ night will turn into a cinematic experience.

Sound system placement and Wiring

Ensuring the speakers are assembled at the correct place is imperative because one wrong position placement could cause too loud a sound or too low a sound. You do not want to have that sort of discomfort when you just want to relax without thinking. Wiring is equally essential and that requires a specific skill only an electrician can suggest and execute that for you. So, call the professional electricians at Melbourne Wide Electrical for a home theatre installation service. We also provide a wide range of electrical appliances services such as wiring, led lighting, powerpoint.

Live the feel of theatres screen at home!