Switchboard & Safety Switch Upgrades

Switchboards and safety switches are the last things that come to your mind when you inspect your electrical appliances. However, they are the backbone of your home’s or office’s electrical supply. Ensuring that your switchboard and safety switch is running perfectly well is very important. If you are in need of a switchboard upgrade or a safety switch replacements, we have got you covered. Melbourne Wide Electrical have been in the business for several years and are aware of all the legal electrical requirements. We’ll handle it from there.

What Is A Safety Switch?

Unlike circuit breakers which are mainly meant to protect your appliances from getting too much current flow, safety switches keep you safe from electric shocks. You are legally required to have a safety switch installed within your home. Safety switches are also known as Residual Current Devices (RCDs) that prevent fires and electrocution. They act as another level of protection on your switchboards.

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Do I Need A Switchboard?

A switchboard is essentially the main portion of the electrical supply of the entire property. All the electrical appliances and, power points and wires eventually connect to the switchboard. Flickering lights and power trips are a common way to determine whether you need a new switchboard or not. The electricians at Melbourne Wide Electrical can help you with replacements or upgrades of your switchboard if you need one.

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Melbourne Wide Electrical are the experts you need to take care of your electrical systems. The Switchboard and safety switch in a residential, commercial or industrial space are two of the most important things; and they should always be functioning perfectly. When you face problems with these two systems, it is best to get them immediately fixed. Don’t delay the installation or replacement of a safety switch because the consequences of not having one can be hazardous. You have to maintain the safety of your family or employees. So, making sure that your electrical systems are in place will ensure the others’ safety as well. Just give our team a call today!