Sensor Lighting

Have you ever been fascinated by the lights that just turn on every time you walk by them? They are called safety or sensor lights and are a great way of keeping certain areas lit up without wasting too much energy. Usually placed outdoors and in dark areas, sensor lighting can be very useful when you have to navigate through a dark space such as the backyard or garage. Along with this we also provide emergency lighting for buildings to avoid any mishaps. It is a necessary installation for any building to ensure the staircases and hallways are lit up during a time of crisis. Whatever the type may be, Melbourne Wide Electrical has the solution to all your lighting problems.

How Does Sensor Lighting Work?

Sensor lights have detectors within them that can detect motion and infrared waves which are basically heat waves generated by moving objects. These detectors are like tiny eyes within the camera that can make out when something is moving. The heat generated by the moving object is what is picked up by the detectors and voila, the lights come on. It is a great installment to have in your driveway or backyard and front yard; these lights keep you aware of any suspicious movements outside your house and are a great addition to the security system of your home. Along with homes, we install sensor lighting outside major factories and businesses as well; mainly for the purpose of security and to avoid any major accidents from taking place due to less lighting.

Emergency Lighting For Safety

Used for apartment buildings, corporate buildings, and even factories, emergency lighting is absolutely vital for any building. All commercial spaces are required to have emergency lighting that is functioning perfectly well and is tested regularly. This type of lighting is used during emergency situations or major crises like a fire; all fire escapes and door signs will usually remain lit up in a crisis situation due to emergency lighting. When dealing with a large number of people, having a good amount of light to lead them out of the building is important. With our emergency light installation service, we ensure that these lights remain intact and do their job when required.

Domestic Electrician Melbourne

Emergency Or Not – Call Us!

Melbourne Wide Electrical has a team of highly qualified electricians who are certified and insured. We make sure that every service you receive is clean and efficient. With every job, our team ensures that all aspects of your electrical systems are inspected. This is done to ensure you don’t face any major electrical problems later. Whether it is a domestic, commercial or industrial area, we will fix up those lights for your safety. Call us today! We also provide a wide range of electrical appliances services such as security cameras, led lighting, wiring.