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Get the best for your property. Choose Melbourne Wide Electrical next time you need an electrician Craigieburn, and see the difference a professional can make. With more than 20 years of experience and the skill to tackle any problem, you can be sure we can get your wires back in perfect working condition. We also offer a range of installation services for CCTV systems, alarms, heating and cooling and more. If you’re in need of an electrician Craigieburn, give our team a call today.

Melbourne Wide Electrical offer 24-hour emergency service in Craigieburn, Mill Park, Northcote, Kew, Doncaster, Heidelberg, Essendon and all across Melbourne. No longer do you have to sit around in the dark, or worry about food spoiling. Call any time and we’ll be there to get your electricity up and running again ASAP.

Electrical Services in Craigieburn

We offer a wide range of services, including appliance, lighting and powerpoint installation, wiring repair and general electrical maintenance. Our popular services include:

If you have any questions about our services call us today, or send an email with the details. For a full list of our services click the button below.

electrician craigieburn

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Domestic and Commercial Electrician Craigieburn

There’s no job our team can’t handle. At Melbourne Wide Electrical, we believe you should love where you live, and if that means installing an electrical system that can do everything you need it to, we’re more than happy to help. If you’re in need of a custom electrical system for your home or business, our electricians can design and implement a system that incorporates the latest ideas in electrical designs.

Whether you need general lighting upgrades or a complete wiring fitout, we can help you get your electricity running. Talk to our Craigieburn electrical team today to find the solution that’s right for you.

House rewiring

We provide re-wiring services for the entire house, especially after renovations and for new buildings. A rewiring service will ensure that any old, deteriorated wiring is immediately replaced with a safer option. This will ensure that your electrical appliances function to their full potential.

LED downlight installation

Reducing energy consumption is one of the biggest advantages of installing an LED downlight. If you already have a halogen or any other fluorescent light within your home or office space, it can easily be replaced with an LED. The replacement of any fluorescents with LED lighting is in accordance with VEET scheme.

Heating and cooling system installation

This is a very important installation in all Melbourne homes, since it maintains the temperature in the room no matter what the weather is outside. Get evaporative or ducted heating and cooling systems installed today. Just get in touch with our expert electricians for an installation service.

Wiring inspections and fault finding

The erratic weather conditions and the wear and tear with time can lead to the wiring within your property to deteriorate. An inspection service can help you find any problems with the wiring system that is not easily visible. This will ensure that your electrical appliances last longer.

Mains and switchboard upgrades

Switchboards need an upgradation due to installation of heating and cooling appliances or renovation work. Safety switches are installed to ensure that your switchboards last longer. Mains cables too may need upgrades due to constant usage.

Powerpoint installation

One uses several electrical appliances within their homes and offices, all at one time. The requirement of more power points has increased over time and a lot of building do not have enough of them to keep up with the demand. We provide with quick powerpoint installations so all your appliances can work at the same time.

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If you’re looking for an electrician in Craigieburn you can trust to get the job done, look no further than Melbourne Wide Electrical. We also provide services in Doreen, Preston, Northcote, Essendon, Tullamarine and many other areas within North Melbourne. Our electricians are licensed and professionally trained to keep up the latest in technology and electrical maintenance techniques. No matter the size of the job or the complexity, you can trust our master electricians to get the job done. With quality 24/7 service and competitive prices, give us a call today on 1300 635 294, or send us an email with the details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.