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Power Failure Services

Power failures are not that common unless the initial installation was not done properly. Melbourne Wide Electrical focuses on delivering quality services on all appliance failures such as refrigerator, oven, microwave, or dishwasher. Whether it is electrical failure or power socket or switch failure, we can fix it all. Our team consists of licensed professionals who have been in the business for several years and know what they are doing. Just call the experts for any electrical problem you might be facing and we’ll be there ASAP.

Power socket and switch failures

Able to plug in but there is no power supply to your device or appliance ? Or have you observed a spark while plugging in? Then you are definitely experiencing a power socket failure. Power sockets come with an inbuilt earthing or grounding. Often, power socket outage is due to an earthing failure or due to a small short circuit.

Did you know that the power sockets and switches need frequent maintenance to prevent outage? If not regularly maintained, you could endangering yourself to an electric shock; and we definitely don’t want that. Do not neglect or ignore your electrical outlets. Just get in touch with our experts and call us for a maintenance or repair service.

Appliance and safety switch failures

A safety switch protects your appliances from being ruined due to an overflow of current. So, if your appliance has suddenly stopped working, this might be the reason. Safety switches needd to be changed regularly as they are the only protection your appliances have. On the other hand, appliance failur can also be caused by a defective socket. If you have regular power failures in your home, then the constant fluctuation can also cause problems in your power sockets. We suggest that you get your electrical systems regulary looked at to ensure the safety of your appliances.

Lighting failure

Extreme weather conditions such as sudden thunderstorms or lightning might be one of the reasons there’s a lighting failure in your house. Such adverse external conditions could potentially lead to voltage fluctuations. Even a light flickering or repeatedly failing to switch on properly is nothing but voltage fluctuation. Having said that, it is difficult to define the actual problem until an expert diagnoses and identifies the real trouble. So, why worry when Melbourne Wide Electrical promises to assure the correct solution? We have a team of professional electricians here at your service.

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Melbourne Wide Electrical has been in the business for several years and the team knows exactly what the customers want. We provide quality services at highly affordable rates. Moreover, our team is known for providing-

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Don’t look any further, we are he solution to all your electrical problems. Whether it’s power failures or appliance failures, just call us!

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