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At Melbourne Wide Electrical we provide the best Switchboard Upgrades Melbourne. Our training and years of experience has taught us that by maintaining and upgrading the electrical systems in homes homeowners can prevent expensive damage cause by short-circuiting such as destroyed appliances or house fires. Many Melbourne homeowners are unaware that their home’s electrical switchboard may not comply with Australian Electrical Standards regarding the correct method of wiring for electrical installations. When it comes to selecting an outstanding and reliable team to conduct superior switchboard upgrades Melbourne Wide Electrical stands out as the best choice you can make for an affordable and honest level of service.

Safe and Professional Electricians

Fully complying with all Australian Electrical Standards Melbourne Wide Electrical can guarantee you a safe and effective switchboard upgrade. Older homes in Melbourne have switchboards that still feature long out-of-date fuses that run the risk of causing electrocution to homeowners attempting to conducting their own repairs. By choosing us to conduct a thorough and complete upgrade of your home’s current switchboard you are ensuring the continued safety of your family. To find out more about how our switchboard upgrades are beneficial to your property please feel free to contact our skilled team today. At Melbourne Wide Electrical we are here to make your home’s electrical systems operate without a hitch and we also provide  LED lighting upgrades, home-theatre-installations, powerpoint installations.

Does My Switchboard Need Upgrading?

There are a number of indicators that your switchboard needs upgrading. These include:

  • Your switchboard keeps shorting out or overloading
  • Fuses are breaking regularly
  • Your switchboard doesn’t have safety switches
  • Lights flicker all the time
  • You experience power outages

In addition to these, old switchboards are known to be generally unreliable, to the point where an old, overloaded switchboard could cause an electrical fire in your home. If you see any of the above it’s important you get your switchboard checked and upgraded.

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